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BDH #38 - Haunted Mansion Holiday

Happy Halloween! This episodes takes you back to October 2001 for a ride through Disneyland's Original Haunted Mansion Holiday. The footage was taken before podcasts were even invented. I had no idea that I would be posting it for thousands to watch. As poor as the quality is, I think you will still enjoy the history of the video being the first Haunted Mansion overlay. Enjoy!

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BDH #37 - Turtle Talk with Crush

I'm back after an extended absence with another trip inside Disney's California Adventure. Please enjoy "Turtle Talk with Crush". Special thanks to Jay Harper for providing video for this episode."You so totally ROCK, DUDE!" ;-)

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BDH #36 - Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters

It's time for a space adventure. This episode takes you to Tomorrowland for a ride though Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. OK Space Rangers, it's time to defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg. To infinity...and beyond!

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BDH #35 - Special Westfest Video

This episode is a departure from the normal BDH Vidcasts. It's the video that I created for the Disney Podcast Network's Westfest Dinner Banquet. I hope you enjoy watching. The music in this episode is from the Blue Man Group's first album "Audio". It's a great CD that I highly recommend.

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BDH #34 - Block Party Bash

DCA's Block Party Bash is the subject of this episode. It's not my favorite parade but I know that many people really enjoy this high energy show. If you have a chance please take a moment and head over to and find out all about WestFest '07. I'll be there and all of us at the DPN would like to see you there as well.

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BDH #33 - Autopia

I'm back with a tour of the Tomorrowland Autopia. After 51 plus years, this original attraction is still going strong. Please make sure you visit The Disney Podcast Network for information about the DPN WestFest '07. We are going to have a great time and would love to have you join us.

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BDH #32 - Fantasmic!

FANTASMIC! After many requests, I have finally put together an episode of the night time spectacular! This show is a long one, clocking in at about 27 minutes (and 320MB). I'd like to thank everyone who has left a review on iTunes. I really appreciate the support. Please visit the Disney Podcast Network at to discuss this or any of my other episodes. Enjoy!

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